Competitive Intelligence!!!

defn: Competitive Intelligence is defining, gathering, and analyzing intelligence about products, customers, competitors and any aspect of the environment needed to support strategic decisions for an organization. Its main goal is to have a step-up on competition within an industry

What can give information?
-Financial Statements
-Internet Research
-Job Descriptions
-Personnel Trends

  • There is an enormous amount of information to increase competitive intelligence available for anyone with internet access. If everyone has access to the internet, how can information gained from internet research truly give competitive advantage? What are some alternatives to open source internet research?

*It is not ethical to call a company and deceive either your identity, who you work for, or your intent of gathering information.

Super Spy Barbie? Bratz Maker MGA Accuses Mattel of Toy Espionage
MGA is the toymaker with the "Bratz" doll line. They have accused Mattel of falsifying credentials to gain access to the private show room at toy fairs and stealing information. Interestingly, Bratz dolls have substantially cut into the Barbie market share.

What if research data doesn't match?...