From the class today, October 4 2010, I have a question on my mind according to our discussion in class.
Does Social Customer Relation Management (SCRM) or Social Media really affect to human/customer welfare?
We are discussing today about the advantages of Social media and Social Customer Relation Management for me ,
as well, it has advantages and benefits as follows, it's an easy-accessible tool for everyone who can access to the internet.
Second, it allows people to have a freedom in communication, collaboration and also eliminated borders between users.
It also gives an access to people's knowledge that they shared their experiences and professional lives that surely benefit others.
Finally, it doesn't require a huge investment for users.

However, in my opinion, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is traditionally accessible for internal users
and business partners in order to increase customer retention and satisfaction. I would say that CRM approaches a very
limited category of users. The freedom that users have to communicate and collaborate is denied from authority to access the knowledge.

In my point of view, CRM cannot be called "Social", it just takes advantage on social media to provide knowledge
and information instead of using a phonebook to call each customer. For me SCRM is not a new term, it just a social media flavored CRM
because it just the way to promote business on social media trends.

Narusan Dhanvarjor (Dan)