Search Engine Marketing

- Overview about Anvil Media
Anvil media is a search engine marketing agency that specializes in online searchengine, pay-per-click, search engine public relations, online reputation management, and social marketing ervices. They build a customers business by implementing indepth e-business practices
- Uses of search engine marketing
The use of search engine marketing is a form of internet maarketing that seeks to promote a website by increasing a sites visability in a search engine.
- How Google helps search information
When people want to search for information on google, they will enter key words. Google then uses sophisticated text-matcing algorithams to find web pages that areboth important and relevant to key words.
- Paid-for results vs. organic searching
Pay-per-click is internet advertising on a website where they only pay their host when the ad is clicked.
Organic search is a free search result which appears due to its relavance to the search term.
- The three "C"s in google searching? ...
In order to get a good rank in google you must improve the three Cs :
  1. Content :Unique, valuable and filled with descriptive vocabulary that prospective customers/clients are most likely using to describe your offerings and/or find related information with. you must include the words that people usually search in your website , also you should have a good describtion of you website . Code :A clean code that will not detract the engines from finding your site's content. At a very high level, this includes the type, placement and amount of code. you can give your website to google to show it when people search for certain words. You can also include a variety of things and words inside your code to improve your rating with google. A couple are: Title Tags: not only will this improve your rank but the words will appear right underneath the title of your search result. This is a great way to add in additional marketing key words that will encourage customers to go to your link. Meta Descriptions are also listed in the search results but mostly help with search engine optimization. This allows you to enhance your title tag further with additional descriptions and categorization.
  2. Credibility: factors that help to build credibility include but are not limited to domain page, PageRank, and inbound links from relevant and credible source. When other websites put your link that will increase your credibility. Different Sites are considered to be more credible than others. ".edu" sites are considered to be very good by google analytics. Also included in google's algorithm is what the page rating of different sites are. A page rating of 6 or better is what you want your site to be and the sites you associate with.
- Web/Google analytics
A tool to used for gathering data on visits to a website. Google analytics creates stats on and tracks visitors to a website through the different avenues used in reaching the site. Marketers can use the information gathered to see which pages are being viewed and how long.

  • Google Webmaster tool: Provides detailed report about pages on google.
  • Google Keyword suggestion tool: You can create Ads by choosing keywords which people frequently search and which relates to the business. In a way of attracting customers.
  • Google Analytics: Provides information of users interaction with the web page. For eg: the duration of stay on a link, no. of pages visited, no. of new visitors,etc.

Posted by: Robert Kunke, Victor Rattanavong, Tim Christian and Kate Truong