Guest Presenter: Daniel Kaufman, One Percent Foundation Owner

Three structural barriers for giving:
1. Can't afford to give
2. Don't know where to give
3. Don't see the impact of small donation

Target Market: 20 to early 30 year olds who have just started earning money in their career

Cycle of grant process - 3 months
1st month: New grant cycle is announced
2nd month: Partner-led evaluation of the nominated organization
3rd month: The grant is given for winner partner

How to achieve goals to grow awareness of organization with no budget and limited time period?
Two approaches : OPF presents Grant Madness, Shout from the mountaintop: using Twitter to gain the public awareness

How did the organization use social media to achieve it's goals?
OPF strategically picked out contacts within their network that had a large following or impact on Twitter. After finding these key individuals they asked them to re-tweet a short message of "Grant Madness" and to check out OPF. With the following and impact of these key Twitter distributors OPF's message reached between 1-2 million people by being re-tweeted. This is known as the "ripple in the pond effect".

Following this tornado of Tweets, nationally known media sources such as The New York Times and Fast Company brought credibility and enormous publicity to OPF.

OPF uses: Instant buzz, create a dialogue, mainstream media followed

What was the result of the social media campaign?
OPF uses the broadcasted message which can reached variable audience population. In the result, OPF gained larger subset of consumers, that can make the original message more broader.

Strengths of new organization structure (businesses, non-profits, community foundations and individuals)?

Weaknesses of new organization structure?
- Non-sustainable funding structure for overhead expenses

1. How do we use social media when clients are organizations?

2. How do we create a broader sense of collective movement across circles?

What is the value proposition of this organization?

Other examples of new businesses or non-profits that have leveraged social media to spread awareness about their brand?