Posted by: Sean Fields, Regina Safina, Ezra Nigussie, Amy Vukovich
How does IMC build brand?
IMC builds brand by developing messages and dialog with customers, and creating customers' awareness.

Who do you want to target with IMC?
The companies want to target Critics among their customers with IMC

What are the elements in the Communications process?
Sender --> Encoding --> Message--> Decoding --> Receiver --> Response --> Feedback --> Sender

List and explain the two viral marketing models:
Word of mouth: you can pay the business to initiate positive word-of-mouth about your products
Using the natural pattern of Information spread

What are the principles of sticky encoding? Include examples.
Simple: One core idea said in few words.
Unexpected: Break a pattern, or ask a question to reveal listeners’ knowledge gap.
Concrete: Use a vivid example.Example: Jamie Lee Curtis and Activia yogurt
Credible: Provide proof. Example: State farm ad
Emotional: You are hardwired to feel emotion for people but not abstract concepts.
Story: Hearing stories is a mental flight simulator. Example: Velcro

What is the goal of sticky encoding?
A good sticky encoding helps the company propagate its message by spawning carriers

Give definition, advantages, and examples of the following ‘Stitials:
· Interstitial ad appears in interstices between segments of the content that customers want to experience. Ex: tollbooth
· Vivistitual ad focuses on those gaps in customers' daily lives.Ex: Reactive ads
· Locostitual ad delivers life's context, environment of these ad is with information scarcity. Ex: billboards
· Anthrostituals: people need to use brands and ad messages for identity expression. Customers recognize the brand by a symbol of inclusion in a group. Ex: Apple, Gucci
· Autostitial advertises as entertainment. Ex: Budlight
· Psychostitual ad fills gaps in behavioral motivations and thought processes. Ex: Nike
· Sociostituals: uses the social network to target audience whom you choose precisely. Ex: Facebook

What effect do mirror neurons have?

How can companies leverage mirror neurons?

Questions for discussion:
1) How do you create a balance between providing detail for credibility while maintaining simplicity?

2) What is the relation between the SIR model and the product life cycle?

3) How is the success of Promotion related to the other components of the marketing mix?